Research Topics

Distributed Thread Execution

This research is to provide a high-performance computing/storage system on top of multiple nodes connected with high-performance RDMA interconnect. To realize the idea, we opt to allow a process to be run distributed over multiple nodes with only a few lines of code modification. To this end, we are hacking the Linux kernel memory systems to provide a consistent memory view to the distributed threads. Also, this enables dynamic thread migration without adapting existing code to complicated memory consistency models.

Intelligent High-Performance Storage Systems

The ever-growing demands for high-performance storage systems can be now achieved through using key-value SSDs and non-volatile memory technologies. We are interested in exploring the file system and memory system design in operating systems to adapt those emerging technologies.

Leveraging Remote DMA

RDMA allows low-latency in accessing remote memory. However, using RDMA is very different from programming with socket in that its APIs are event-driven and performance critical. We are exploring to adopt RDMA to distributed memory systems (as stated above) and file systems and to optimize the communication layer.

Ongoing Projects

Research on Software Technologies for Memory-Centric Computing Systems


Disaggregated Non-Volatile Memory Systems Using RDMA


Unifying Memory-Storage Systems using Non-volatile Memory


Completed Projects

Cluster-based Memory Pool Emulation